I am a terrible "blogger"

I have this blog page, and yet I have not written on it in over a year. Just wanted to share a little of what was on my mind. I want to first of all say that I feel extremely blessed. I don't know if everyone gets this lucky in the wedding business but I literally feel like I have had THE best couples. All of my couples this year have been amazing and beautiful. So thank you, for spoiling me and making these weddings films so enjoyable. I also feel blessed for all of the support I have received in trying to start this business. You all know I am not a "business" person, so that part has had it's challenges. It has also been hard to balance my time and I have hurt people in the process. I appreciate everyone still standing beside me and understanding the difficulties that come along with working full time, and trying to run a full time weekend wedding business. In the past 14 months I have had the privilege of filming in the Caribbean, Alabama, California, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alaska, Arizona, and I have a wedding in North Carolina this weekend (woo hoo!), and in South Carolina and Florida in a few months. I have loved the travel aspect most of all, and I hope and pray more destinations continue to come my way.